Photo editor applications, we recommend the bestThanks to the cameras integrated into smartphones, the…

Photo editor applications, we recommend the bestThanks to the cameras integrated into smartphones, the…

Thanks to the cameras integrated into smartphones, the love for photography has exploded, but not always when we take a photo it turns out the way we would like it to be, that’s when we have to resort to a photo editor.

It has happened to all of us on occasion that we have taken a photo and it has not turned out well. There is too much shadow or too much light, or someone has come out with red eyes. There are many flaws that can appear in a photograph, but fortunately today we don’t need expensive photo editing software to be able to do some retouching.

If we go around the web we can find a large number of photo editors that will be very useful and that we can also use totally free.

The importance of photography

Photography has become today another means of communication, with applications such as Instagram or Snapchat in which images are the real protagonists.

The photos have the vocation of permanence and precisely for this reason in many cases it is important to do some retouching so that the snapshot is perfect.

Photoshop Express, a good but limited photo editor

When it comes to a free photo editor many times you go to Photoshop Express for its similarities to the popular photo editing program. Although this application is good if we do not want to make big changes, in some cases can become somewhat limited.

Through them we can edit images in JPEG format not exceeding 16 MP, it has advanced options such as changes in exposure, white balance or saturation, but however it does not have many sources to add text.

photo editor

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is available in 25 languages ​​and has a interface very similar to Photoshop, which has contributed to its popularity as it is used every day by thousands of people.

It allows adding filters, using editing layers and different palettes and navigator among other options. Those looking to edit a photo easily can turn to Pixlr express, with basic options including effects and filters.


Fotor it is one of the easiest photo editing platforms to use. It has a wide variety of filters, frames and clip arts. You can also add text and it has a specific tool to edit portraits.