Phones Is it worth buying an iPhone 7 clone?  Buy a Chinese iPhone 7 By now we all know that the clones ...

Phones Is it worth buying an iPhone 7 clone? Buy a Chinese iPhone 7 By now we all know that the clones …

At this point in the game we all know that chinese clones They are something of every day, we have Chinese clones even in the soup gentlemen. And it is that all the mobiles that have been successful at the time have had a Chinese copy. You know what they say “If a Chinese clone of your mobile did not come out, it was not successful enough”And maybe that has some truth.

The best iPhone 7 clone is Goophone I7 Plus

Yes, totally original the name of the mobile. Leaving that aside, we could say that this mobile phone has some quite interesting features that surely once you read them you will look at this phone with different eyes.

And it is that it has an eight-core processor, we are talking about a MediaTek Helio X10 that runs at 1.8 Ghz and comes well accompanied by 2 GB of RAM, quite a lot for a Chinese one actually.

The internal memory is quite good, even better than what we can find in certain mid-range mobiles like the Samsung J7 because this one comes with 32 GB internal storage and we can even add a micro SD.

Obviously it is not going to have the iOS operating system, we already know that quite well, but instead it has Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is perfectly adapted to resemble iOS as much as possible, although this part is not so complicated because if we are going to the case there are many launcher which are in a nutshell an imitation of the OS of Manzana.

In terms of camera, we find a pretty good one, to be honest, since it is a double rear, it comes with a high-quality 12-megapixel Sony sensor, as for the front, nothing out of this world, we will have a 5 MP .

There are many other clones, goes. Rather, quite a few clones, among which perhaps the GooPhone is ruled out a bit, although not that bad either, since it has four cores in terms of the processor and 1 GB of RAM, now you realize that the one we discussed above is much better and also the price is not too different than let’s say.

A brutal clone: ​​GooApple i7

Now if we are going to go to a clone that is really powerful we have to talk about GooApple i7 that they had no kind of problem in putting Apple in their name. In this case, it has a Mediatek Helio P10 eight-core processor that goes at 2 Ghz and also comes with 4 GB of RAM.

16 MP camera, fingerprint sensor and on top it also has a 256 GB internal memory, a real beast.

Obviously the operating system cannot be iOS, but in this case it comes with Android 6.0 Marshamallow and personally, it is the best clone I saw of iPhone 7 and it is definitely worth acquiring.