Phones How to Change the MAC Address of an Android Mobile without Rooting It Many times, when we do different tutorials that our readers come to us ...

Phones How to Change the MAC Address of an Android Mobile without Rooting It Many times, when we do different tutorials that our readers come to us …

Many times, when we carry out different tutorials that our readers have been asking us for a long time, we comment that it is impossible to carry them out unless our Android mobile device is rooted, and we know that this is something that bothers many. What happens is that in this way it is much easier to customize the device, but beyond that, On this special occasion we want to teach a trick that we are usually asked and that until now we had not taught how to develop without rooting.

If you are wondering what it is about, you have to know that we are talking about the possibility of changing a MAC or MAC address, insofar as it is a fundamental number. This 48-bit number is unique for each device that is connected to a network. The interesting thing is that it is not repeated in any of the existing network cards, and the differentiations do not only include smartphones, but we also have to talk about tablets, notebooks, televisions, and many others in this regard.

Change Android MAC without root

Well, as we said before, The MAC address is extremely important because it is what allows us to identify our device from any other that is connected to a modem or router, so if we want to recognize it, it is convenient that we look at these elements always. Thanks to the MAC address we can assign an IP to each of the devices connected to a network, while in the same way we can limit or restrict the use of the Internet to any device, if we have an invasive neighbor, for example.

For all that we have been mentioning before, we understand that many users of Android mobile devices, are interested in the possibility of changing the MAC address of one of these terminals, and this particular article is about the following. We have to mention, in this sense, that changing the MAC address of an Android is easy when the mobile is rooted, but not so much when it is not, although in any case, with a little ingenuity you can change the MAC address without rooting.

Yes, Before starting with the tutorial to change the Android MAC, we have to bear in mind that in the future we may want to use the original one again, so we better find it and write it down somewhere. If you are wondering where to get the MAC address, you have to know that we can find it without problems in Settings, About device, Status, WiFi MAC address. As you will see, it is extremely easy to find the MAC address of an Android mobile, and anyone can do it.

Change Android MAC Address

We will see then that the happy MAC address that we have been talking about a few paragraphs ago appears, and now the important thing comes, which has to do with downloading the application in this regard, which we can take to our mobile directly from the link that appears at the end from the article. The MAC address can be changed thanks to the WiFi Mac Charger application, and it is useful for any Android smartphone or tablet without problems. So far, there are not too many difficulties for anyone.

Once we have downloaded our application to modify the MAC address, the next step has to do with disconnecting from the network to which we remain connected. Then we are going to open the application in question, entering the MAC address that we would like to have. If we want to generate one that is not a particular one, we have to point out Generate Random MAC to get a random MAC address. Of course, when we finish we give it to the option Change MAC.

As you can see, It is that simple to change the MAC address of your Android mobile device without even having to have the mobile device rooted, so it is an interesting option, if you do not want to root your computer, or if you have not had results with other similar apps.

Have you been able to change the MAC address of your Android?

Download WiFi Mac Changer from the Google Play Store