Phones How long does the battery of the new Google Pixel last? For some time Google had us very intrigued by ...

Phones How long does the battery of the new Google Pixel last? For some time Google had us very intrigued by …

Some time ago Google had us very intrigued by the rumors that have been circulating about what their new mobile would be like. Google Pixel It is the phone that we have all been anxiously waiting for and despite the fact that it was only an official announcement and it still needs to be launched, several people have had the possibility of having access to it And now we can talk to a little more data and put the rumors aside.


Surely you saw the ad where Google presented its new device, there they showed that their direct competition is with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s high-end. Which means that they have a lot to offer and that is something that has always highlighted Google, with the specifications that were seen in the official announcement you can see that this will be the case. But there is one thing that everyone will be watching and that is the battery life which has to be good autonomy, Since if we are to the case, it is one of the things that has been criticized the most for Smartphone since always.

Google Pixel battery life

So now we have really exact data on how long the Google Pixel battery can last, the test was carried out during one day. I comment that this test was done by alternating Internet connections, making phone calls and the classic uses that we do every day.

Those who tried it assure that the screen stayed active for about 4 hours having used only 40% of the battery, which happened in 12 hours in total. This is a sign that its autonomy is very similar to other high-end mobiles against which Google Pixel will have to compete.

Another important fact that the user who tested the Pixel corroborated is that it has a fast charge, commenting that from 20% to 80% battery life in less than an hour. This is what more could be learned about the new Google Pixel, what we have to do is wait for them to be officially launched.


Google Pixel is similar to the Galaxy S7 in autonomy

Despite the fact that Google Pixel was introduced a short time ago, it can be said that It has a very similar autonomy to the Galaxy S7. Keep in mind that users do not want to run out of battery in the middle of the day, therefore it is important that the battery of the mobile phones last long.

Thanks to the Reddit user in addition to the battery life there is also information from the camera, apparently It is very good when used in daylight, but when you have to take photos at night it is quite disappointing. It would need a quality optical sensor, hopefully in this sense the thing is not so critical.

With all this you can see that Google has been doing its job very well but not so much that the price of mobiles is higher than Samsung and Apple mobiles.