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Penumbra: Overture graphic adventure for your Mac

The game will be published periodically in chapters and will cost $ 20. Penumbra: Overture puts the player in the role of Philip who, days after the death of his mother, receives a letter from the afterlife and leads him to a mysterious enigma in a cold and dark land.

Penumbra has a 3-D graphics engine and an advanced object physics system that allows you to interact with different objects in the environment in a natural way with the help of the mouse (pick up objects, open drawers, pull levers, etc.) .

Frictional Games remarks that the game offers a large number of puzzles with which to test the skill of the player and make the fights be resolved through intelligence, so it is far from being a first-person shooter.

A demo version of the game in Universal Binary format is now available and the minimum game requirements are an ATI or Nvidia graphics card.