PC Tutorials How to hide my IP address Privacy is considerably important in our devices and even more ...

PC Tutorials How to hide my IP address Privacy is considerably important in our devices and even more …

Privacy is considerably important in our devices and even more so when we are connected to the Internet and that is when we connect to the network we are always in danger. Between getting infected with malware, spyware and hundreds of other things, obviously being protected is always necessary and for these reasons it is important to have a good antivirus. Subject we have talked about on several occasions and we have recommended and even made comparisons of Kaspersky, Panda, AVG, Avira, etc.

Guide to learn how to hide your IP address

We are not going to tell you that it is specifically an IP because if you are here, we imagine you already know what it is about. So we go straight to what matters to us How to hide my IP? We have several methods.

The first is using proxies, basically they are servers that are used as a kind of bridge between what would be our computer and the destination, bone the web we want to see.

We can exceed proxy services As in www.proxy.org and we browse anonymously, the issue is that since they are public, they end up stopping working, besides that they are not practical for browsing a website and they are too slow.

There are also payment proxies that work much better. In that case, we recommend that you look at this page where there are and very good ones: https://www.highproxies.com/

How to use a proxy

So in order to use it basically what we have to do is use Firefox for example and we are going to go to the part of setting for later once we’re in options, to select Advanced and there we go to the part of Net and again to Setting. Here we select Manual proxy configuration and what we have to do is write the IP address and the port of the proxy.

Hide IP address using VPN

Something very common that those who download many torrent files do, for example, is to use VPN and the best are:

Hello VPN: Come on, it is one of the best known because it is free, but it has a downside. In general, it works quite well and allows us to access different types of content that in many cases in our country are blocked. Surely this ever happened to you on YouTube.

The issue is that it has a way of working where our IP is used by another user and part of our bandwidth for the VPN to work and in this way we use the IP of another and so onIt is quite an issue, but it is not wrong either, after all it is free.

Hide My Ass: With a fairly descriptive name, this VPN is paid, but it is possibly one of the best known on the market and for only about 7 dollars per month, if you are to use it too much it does not come at all bad because you definitely hide your IP and you have nothing more to worry about.