PC Recuva applications, the best way to recover all your deleted files All of us who work with the computer, either by writing articles, ...

PC Recuva applications, the best way to recover all your deleted files All of us who work with the computer, either by writing articles, …

All of us who work with the computer, whether doing articles, editing videos, or generating any other type of content, we know that it is extremely important to be able to recover it in case of losing it. And it is that it can happen to any of us that due to an organizational problem we lose those contents, and that is when we will need a specially developed platform.

The truth is that right now we can find a huge number of programs or applications that promise us that we can recover all the files we have lost, when it is not always the case. We have analyzed some of the most famous to know how they work and what their real performance is, thanks to which we come to the conclusion that there is a winner.

Specifically, we are talking about Recuva, of course, and in this article we are going to teach you everything we think you should consider about this deleted content recovery application or program. The first thing we wanted to mention, however before going into details, is that It is a completely free application, so that is not a problem when we talk about Recuva.


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Well, we have already mentioned an essential point about Recuva, the fact that it is completely free, although of course we do not want to stop considering others much more related to its general operation. The first thing you should know is that Recuva is a tool that It has been developed to allow us to recover basically any file that we have deleted from the computer.

It does not matter that we have eliminated it convinced of it and that now we want to recover it or that we have eliminated that particular content by mistake, because in any of the cases this program will be very useful. Even Recuva is perfect for content lost outside the computer, such as for example images that may have been mistakenly deleted from the memory card of a digital camera from your vacation.

As you can see, the uses of this application are really quite a lot, although it always works with the same intention, which is none other than proposing to finally recover all the files that we have lost in the past. One of the keys to this system is how easy it is to learn to use it, so that It does not matter if we are specialists or not in this type of program, we will understand it instantly.

Even Recuva will also allow us to recover all those contents that have been eliminated from the computer as a result of the use of an antivirus, something that can pass over our own interest, of course. If you were working on an important file, and the computer has been turned off leaving some of the modifications without saving, you can be sure that you will recover everything thanks to this little program.

If you are wondering about how you can do to recover your lost Recuva files, you have to know that the operation of this program is extremely simple, and we are going to give you an example below. For example, if we missed something, we are going to select the drive where the file that we have deleted by mistake was located, or where we suspect it was staying.

Once we have chosen the path or folder where the lost contents were housed, we also have to select one inside which all the files that we are able to recover later thanks to the system will be saved. When Recuva analyzes the items that have been saved on the disk, will inform us about the percentage of recovery of the file in question, the probability of recovering it in other words.

If you do not know what this probability depends on, we can say that in general terms it is subject to the fact that the files that we had deleted have not been overwritten, allowing Recuva to reach them. Recuva then It will work trying to recover elements such as photos deleted from your camera, songs from your MP3, etc., and it will do everything in a really very simple way.

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