PC Applications Some alternatives to WiseplayWiseplay, is one of the best applications for streaming, it is ...

PC Applications Some alternatives to WiseplayWiseplay, is one of the best applications for streaming, it is …

Wiseplay, is one of the best applications for streaming, it is about being able to watch series, series, movies, soccer and tv for free on android, application, it works as a kind of common video player, but it is streaming, or storage on the same device, compatible with more than 20 formats, is an application that sets the standard globally in the reproduction of content on the web.

Alternative to Wiseplay

It is a very simple and fast application, it is normal for people to look for alternatives to applications similar to wiseplay, to be able to continue enjoying free television, on devices with android operating systemWe invite all those who are looking for similar applications to continue reading, very carefully, because we are going to elucidate on some selection of applications that are free to use and easy to download only for Android.



It is another application that serves to offer series, movies, and other recent content, all the content that we have available in This application is to see it in high resolution, and made for any type of public, The variety it contains is really impressive not only because you can see the content of the most popular channels on TV but also because they are available on cable such as FOX, Disney, Mtv, Cartoon Network among others.

Download Here

Direct red

To enjoy soccer on Wiseplay, you should enter the list that corresponds to the soccer channel, which in this case broadcasts the game, there are certain lists that always offer coverage, so we have ESPN, FoxSports, among others. But With the Direct Red application, you will be able to see all the games you want, of the team that we like, through an official transmission signal, without seeing ourselves in need, to enter any list as is the case with wiseplay.

It should be noted that it is a website: Enter Here

As everyone knows, Roja Directa is a WEB site that provides a certain amount of free sports servers and channels for free, The application only offers the same as the website in question, it must be taken into account that it is optimized for mobile devices so it is a simple website, but quite useful, in this sense we can say that this website is magnificent and recommended 100% .

MX Player

An essential application to be able to view all content from our phone with the greatest comfort, tranquility, speed or rather fluency, guaranteed by this wonderful player we cannot talk about applications that allow you to view content without mentioning, this player is so good and reliable, not only for its fluency when displaying the content if not also for its interface so clean and well thought out that without having to stop the video allows you to control any relevant aspect such as, Brightness, volume, Advance, Reverse, is in itself a pack of many formats, for us the most recommended player.

Download here

Here ends our small selection of applications to view content, we highly recommend reviewing them and using some of them, however there are few applications that we will find because They are not all that perform this task, as well as the ones we recommend here.