PC Applications Find Your Double Using Twin StrangerIf we think a bit with our heads, we can ...

PC Applications Find Your Double Using Twin StrangerIf we think a bit with our heads, we can …

If we think a bit with our heads, we can calmly come to the conclusion that there are so many of us in the world that the possibility of finding people who are similar to us is tallObviously, in order to do this, it is necessary that we use the power of the Internet because it is not that we are going to meet forty people who are similar to us in the neighborhood or through our city.

In turn it is also said that, even if there is a person who is exactly like you Do you believe it? It all started a few years ago with some friends who started a campaign for many users on social networks to send them their photos to see where their twins were in the world.

Little by little what it started as a great curiosity it became something bigger than even they imagined themselves. This is how after a while the web portal called twinstrangers.net was born (Yes, considerably original) The issue is that it works great because it has a facial recognition system which gives impressive results.

How was the project born?

Ironically the story begins when one of the founders of the web, Niamh geany, travels to Ireland and meets a young woman who was incredibly traced to her. The young woman from Ireland is Karen braniganThey are 3 years apart and if you look for their names on YouTube, you may come across the video that went quite viral at the time.

Finding your identical twin

The algorithm they use is quite effective and at the same time for one it is very simple to access it, first of all, we have to enter the aforementioned website and what we have to do next, is to start filling in a kind of form with all the features of our face. Once this is finished we will go to where it says “Sign UP“And from that place you are going to realize everything you have to do, in the end we go where it says”Create User” and ready.

The web barely started it was completely free, the issue is that with the success that the huge number of users who want to try this tool have obviously been having, maintaining it is not exactly cheap for what its creators had to enable a record of almost 4 USB In order to keep everything running, you know that in this world nothing is free, except servers to maintain such a website.

What’s more, here we leave you the video we were talking about above, so you can see one of them is one of the founders of the website Guess which one?