Maria Montero

Paris sues Airbnb for illegal listings and seeks $ 14.2 …

The city of Paris first warned Airbnb and now it’s taking action. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told JDD that the city is suing the company for 1,010 illegal advertisements. The fine could be worth up to $ 14.2 million (€ 12,625 million).

Under current legislation, you cannot rent an apartment for more than 120 days a year. If you want to rent an apartment on Airbnb in Paris, you must first register your apartment in the city. The city then gives you an ID number so they can track how many nights your apartment is listing on Airbnb.

And yet many listings still don’t have that identification number. The mayor’s office marked around 1,000 apartments in December 2017 and said Airbnb was dragging its feet. The company was little labor intensive as the hosts were responsible for their own listings.

Thanks to a new law, responsibility is now shared between the hosts and the platform. The City of Paris can now fine Airbnb for all those illegal listings, up to € 12,500 per listing.

According to Hidalgo, Airbnb has been putting too much pressure on the housing market. She believes 65,000 apartments are now reserved for Airbnb in Paris alone. In some areas, it has become quite difficult to find an apartment because of that. Local shops also suffer because tourists have different needs. In addition to better monitoring, Hidalgo is also in favor of restricting listings to 30 nights per year.

Airbnb told the JDD that it complied with the regulations and informed all Airbnb hosts about the new rules. The company also says that the regulation in Paris does not comply with European regulation. It is clear that this fight is not over.