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Parallels confirms support for Leopard

Ben Rudolph, Director of SWsoft (owners of the Parallels brand) said: “We are confident that Parallels Desktop is compatible with Leopard. The performance is excellent, and it works smoothly. You can safely upgrade to Leopard without worrying that Parallels whether or not it will work. That said, it is perfectly possible that Apple made some last minute changes to the Leopard ‘gold master’ build that may have caused the [aparición] some minor bugs in Parallels. If this happens, we will release a free, automatic update to fix it shortly after Leopard is released. “

Rudolph added: “I am particularly anxious about the main features of Leopard, such as the 64-bit architecture, and new user experiences such as Stacks, which should allow me to organize my incredibly disorganized desktop; as well as Spaces, [característica] which works seamlessly with Parallels Desktop. “