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Parallels 3 “Feature Update” Available

Parallels Desktop enables users of Intel architecture-based Macs to run Windows and other PC-designed operating systems on their Macs, without requiring a reboot as required by the Boot Camp feature of Manzana.

The “Feature Update” incorporates new features, such as Coherence windows that work like Mac windows, including Exposé support. Another new feature is “Mirrored Desktops, Documents and Media”, which allows you to configure the Windows desktop to mirror the Mac desktop, in the same way that the “My Documents” and “My Pictures” folders would become a reflection of the contents of the folders “Documents”, “Pictures”, “Movies” and “Music”.

Parallels Explorer now recognizes virtual machines that are in sleep mode, and users can automatically mount the hard disk of a virtual machine even if the virtual machine is down. Parallels Desktop 3 improves performance under heavy workloads and performs improved resource management, according to the developer. Users can allocate up to 2GB of RAM to the Parallels virtual machine, as well as improved performance of Windows Vista.

Web: http://www.parallels.com/en/products/desktop/