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Parallels 3.0 with support for 3D games and “SmartSelect”

Parallels Desktop enables users of Intel-based Mac computers to run Windows on their computers at the same time as Mac OS X, without the need to restart it unlike Boot Camp. The software has an approximate price of 79.99 EUR, and version 3.0 will be available for an upgrade price close to 50 EUR. Parallels is also offering a reduced upgrade price of around € 35 until June 6, 2007.

This version includes the feature called “SmartSelect”, designed as an integration tool that allows you to open any Windows file on Mac OS X using an application from either operating system. It is designed to work in conjunction with Coherence integration software and is now available in the current version, allowing users to open Windows applications directly on Mac OS X.

Until now, Parallels did not support 3-D graphics acceleration, making the product an unsuitable solution for games. This release adds support for OpenGL and DirectX 3D graphics, allowing Windows users to run games from Parallels without having to reboot first.

The “Snapshot” feature allows you to store Parallels virtual machine state at regular intervals. This allows you to revert to a specific state if necessary, as well as control integration and isolation levels using the VM Sentry feature. You can also create your own read-only virtual machine. Parallels is also including virus and spyware protection that is valid for six months.

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac is available as a final candidate. The final version will be available in several weeks.

Web: www.avanquest.es