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Pantone introduces the Pantone Goe color system

The new 2,058 colors in the Pantone Goe system are arranged in an intuitive color order for easy color selection and specification between different media. The system includes the Pantone GoeGuide â„¢ guide and the Pantone GoeSticks â„¢, a set of two volumes of adhesive-backed swatches, along with software to create color palettes that can be imported into applications, shared among collaborators and clients, and archived for future reference. .

New ink mixing bases for better control

The Pantone Goe system offers a significantly expanded color palette although it is based on a smaller set of 10 Pantone base colors that are readily available anywhere in the world. This ensures color consistency on a global basis while keeping ink inventory to a minimum for printers. The colors have also been designed to print uniform thicknesses of ink films, to facilitate the printing of jobs with the same ink characteristics.

The Pantone Goe system includes the GoeGuide guide, GoeSticks adhesive swatches, and myPantone Palettes software, compatible with Mac OS and Windows. The latter allows you to create palettes in various ways, such as extracting them from an image or creating various color harmonies; that can be stored, printed and shared.

Price and availability

The complete Pantone Goe system with the GoeGuide, the GoeSticks adhesive two-volume set and the myPantone Palettes software with Goe and Pantone Matching System Libraries will be available from October at a price of around 500 EUR. GoeSticks samples with myPantone Palettes software are priced at € 369. The GoeGuide guide with the myPantone Palettes software costs 130 EUR. Web: