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Pantone hueyPRO: calibration system for professionals

Compared to the original huey tool, the new hueyPRO offers additional functionality for users who often print photos or graphics, use multiple monitors, or upload their creations to the Internet.

HueyPRO is about the size of a pen and continuously adjusts the monitor according to changes in ambient lighting. Along with the new software, hueyPRO offers better control of brightness and contrast through separate menu selections and allows users to select reference white and gamma settings. For a limited period of time hueyPRO will be included in the PANTONE 100 TOP COLORS / solid coated book package (guide that presents the 100 most popular PANTONE colors used in the graphic design industry and includes formulas for printing ink and RGB values).

The hueyPRO is now available at a suggested retail price of € 129 + VAT, while the huey (for those just starting out in the color management process) is available at a suggested retail price of € 87 + VAT. In both cases, the devices work with LCD, CRT and laptop monitors and are compatible with Mac OSX 10.3.9 or higher.