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Palm studies its options

Cornered by increasing competition in the smartphone market, Palm is exploring various options for the future with Morgan Stanley, as prompted in an article published by The Wall Street Journal and in which sources close to the negotiations.

Palm, maker of Treo smartphones, has a loyal user base to the brand, which does not prevent the company from seeing an increase in the direct impact of competition from the manufacturer of the BlackBerry device (Research In Motion) and the Taiwanese High Tech Computer ( HTC), the leading manufacturer of Windows-based mobile devices. In fact, HTC sells some of these devices under its own brand, although most are manufactured for other distributors and operators who sell them under their own brand names.

Analysts indicate that a private sale could help Palm, thus shielding the company from the scrutiny of the last quarter and thus freeing up the company’s management so that it can face the necessary acquisitions that allow it to improve the technology used. on their smartphones.