Erica Flores

Overcast introduces a new feature for sharing clips

Overcast is one of the best podcasting apps out there, and it introduces a new feature that should make it even more useful for listeners: the ability to share episode clips to share online.

The latest update to the app allows users to turn a podcast excerpt into a short video, which can then be shared on social media (or via email or text message). Marco Arment, developer and founder of Overcast, points out in a blog post that people have been able to share podcast episodes for a long time, but that it has been a cumbersome process and it is easier to share a short video than an audio link.

To share a clip in the app, click the share icon in the upper right corner and select the “Share clip” option. That will take you to the interface to select the desired segment of the episode you are listening to. Then you can customize it a bit to share it as straight, vertical, horizontal, or square video audio, and add an “Overcast Share” credential, if you like.

Arment uses his post as an opportunity to seek the health of the overall podcasting industry, taking a punch at the recent startup Luminary, which launched earlier this week with a blunt punch. The app was launched with considerable backing from venture capitalists, branding itself a “podcasting Netflix” and with a large list of premium shows. However, because it was also released with a free tier for people to listen to existing shows, many creators felt that the app was using its shows to entice listeners to sign up for its exclusives. As a result, numerous studios have withdrawn their shows.

Many in the podcasting world see the launch of Luminary as a threat to what it is so far, it has been a fairly open system. Arment says that “for podcasting to remain open and free, we must not leave the major shortcomings of proprietary and locked-down services to exploit,” noting that sharing podcasts isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Hopefully this update will make the practice a little easier to perform, and perhaps make it easier to introduce someone to a show they haven’t heard yet.