Our commenting system now integrates with Disqus

Our commenting system now integrates with Disqus

Since this comment system did not give me the expected results (at least for now) I have decided to disable Disqus and return to the standard WordPress comment system. So this post is just historical proof that Disqus was around. I don’t know if I can take it up again in the future, but at the moment I see that it is not the most suitable alternative for this blog.

I await your comments 🙂

This little post is to announce the good news that our blog commenting system has now joined the Disqus platform.

It is a community of communities, created to integrate the comment systems of millions of pages, blogs, forums among others on the web. So if you already have a Disqus account you can see the comments you make not only on this blog, but those you make on all the other sites where you comment and who use this service, additionally you can see what they comment on other sites and look for the most commented topics.

This is a great platform to enrich our blog experience, and I hope you enjoy it and get a lot out of it.

What are you waiting for? comment something, launch this new service 🙂