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After the cell phone trade expanded, created several mobile phone companies andIn Chile, different from those that were already created years ago such as Entel, Movistar, of course, VTR, at this point now due to the demand in the country there are new ones such as, Coló Móvil, Falabella Móvil, Virgin Mobile, WOM, Grupo GTD , Simple, among others we will explain to you what company is a cell phone number.

How can I know which company is a cell phone number

Nowadays, due to the number of telephones that exist, companies worldwide have not only made the decision to “recycle”, the numbers no longer used in order to have a stock of numbers for new users in this way avoid a saturation in the system, that is, if a person does not have his telephone line For a defined period of three or four months, this number will be deactivated and will once again become the property of the telephone company, to later sell it to a new customer.

What company is a cell phone

At some point our curiosity leads us to want to know which company, corporation or company, is associated orNo phone number but we don’t know how to do it or if there is an application for it, today it can be done, there is an application in the store Google Play Store, which allows us to see which company the phone number belongs to, it also has an automatic Widget, so that when calling or receiving a phone call it is added with the logo of the company to which it belongs.

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If you want to find this application, you only have to have a Smartphone, you must access the Google Play Store and type in the search engine “who calls” , when the application appears, the download is completely free, you just have to download and install it on your cell phone, it is an automatic application after the application is installed at the same time you receive calls, it will immediately show us the company to which the number belongs of the incoming call, this application also has an alternative where you can enter the phone number of a user and shows you which company the user belongs to.

If you want to download this application enter here

Otherwise if you do not have a Smartphone you can also check phone numbers from a computer if you do not want to download the application in the Google Play Store of “who is calling” on your Smartphone, there is the alternative of looking for any number to know what company belongs through the application https://celuchile.lackfer.com accessing this application from your computer so you know which Company is a Cellular Number.