Others This is how you have to do a follow-up of MRW More and more courier companies are appearing ...

Others This is how you have to do a follow-up of MRW More and more courier companies are appearing …

More and more courier companies are appearing and it is that people are more willing to make purchases online since it is much cheaper despite the fact that it takes a few days for the order to arrive. But it is nothing to wait a few days, we must remember that there are many places where the price is much lower than in physical stores for what it is worth.


However, there is a great risk when placing these kinds of orders Since according to the place where you make the purchase, you have to hire a courier service to find the package and take it to your home. That is when the chances of being scammed increase, because more and more companies that provide this service are being discovered that are scamming people.

If you are someone who likes to buy their stuff online then you might once get ripped offThis happened to all of us. But it is not a reason to stop buying on the Internet, because there are certain companies that provide courier and parcel services that are trusted and MRW tracking is one of them.

MRW, courier and parcel service

This company was created in 1977, is dedicated to the urgent transport of any type of shipment and merchandise. At first it was called Radio Messaging, but after 10 years they decided to change it for the current one. They have more than 1,300 offices throughout Spain and other countries, what most characterizes this company is that since 1993 they donate 1.5% of their annual turnover to groups with social problems. Without a doubt, it is a great company that has years of experience, so I recommend that you use this service when necessary.

How to track MRW

The best thing about this courier service is that you can follow up to find out how your order is being processed, this way you know if what you ordered has already been sent, where it is and more. It is very easy to make a MRW trackingI’ll tell you how to do it step by step, I assure you it’s very easy.


1-The first thing you have to do is enter the company’s website, which you can access from the following link.

2-Then you are going to click on “Tracking shipments”, Option that is in the upper part on the left.

3-If you are a subscriber you have to fill in the box “Subscriber identification”With all the information they ask for. In the event that you are not a subscriber, fill the box below with your shipping number only

4-After you have to send the form you filled out by clicking “send”Now you have to wait for the last steps you have to take to know the status of your shipment.

5-also You can know the status of your shipment through alerts, these are directed to your mobile or email.

6-In the event that there is any problem or doubt while this process is taking place, you can call customer service: 902 300 400