Other "Mandala of abundance" Another pyramid scam And they go ... Pyramid systems come from before the Internet, they have simply evolved ...

Other “Mandala of abundance” Another pyramid scam And they go … Pyramid systems come from before the Internet, they have simply evolved …

Pyramid systems come from before the internet, they have just evolved in a certain way that now they seem really very complex and even too reliable. The truth is that these kinds of pyramid systems are all scams, not even one is saved from this. Keep in mind that to earn money on the Internet, one way or another you have to work and hard to get it, nothing is magical, less to earn a large sum of money for doing almost nothing. If it were that easy we would all be rich, it is a matter of using logic.


Mandala of Abundance’s way of working

The thing works as follows, first You have to gather 15 people to start the paperwork in theory. But we have a kind of category of them in a way.

Fire: This is for people who want to enter the Mandala system, the issue is that they have to deposit a minimum of money, which goes from a minimum of 5 USD to whatever you want.

Air: These are the ones who have already deposited the money and who must now put two people in to continue leveling up in the pyramid system and theoretically earn money.

Earth: In this case, they are the ones who are waiting for someone to collect money so that they in turn can do the same.

Water: He would be the one who is waiting for the deposit of eight people and obviously the money he invested in the beginning should multiply a lot.


How this pyramid system works

There is not much difference between the other systems to tell the truth. Basically when those of the Fire category deposit money to the Waters, they leave and therefore the Mandala of abundance is completed. Now there is a group divided into two in which both should invite eight more people yes or yes so that the Mandala in a few words can work again, a process that is always the same.

In a nutshell gives the impression that it is a lottery, Because once a person earns all that money, the others who remain, which are 7 in total, are left with nothing, they do not even recover the investment, so it is essential to always have new people so that no one suspects anything.

Great care

Generally, the money is left by those who have been in the Mandala for a long time, so if you are thinking of entering you should know that you are going to lose too much money and possibly you will never end up recovering it. All pyramid schemes are a scam and more people are harmed than few who benefit, so be careful.

If you want to earn money on the Internet there are many possibilities which can make you generate incomeBut believe me, nobody gets rich overnight, much less on the Internet.