Maria Montero

Optimus Ride deploys more automated vehicles.

Optimus Ride, a The MIT spinoff is preparing to roll out its automatic vehicles within a mixed-use development located in Reston, Virginia. Thanks to a partnership with Brookfield Properties, Optimus Ride will roll out autonomous vehicle service throughout Halley Rise, a development featuring homes, shops, offices and public spaces in June.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Brookfield, the world’s leading real estate developer,” said Dr. Ryan Chin, Optimus Ride CEO, in a press release. “We will implement our self-driving system at the Halley Rise location in Brookfield this summer to provide users with autonomous mobility access between office buildings as we continue to scale our business. Moving forward, we will advance our partnership by deploying our automated driving systems at additional Brookfield sites around the world. “

During the first phase of the deployment, only three Optimus Ride autonomous vehicles will be in service to transport people within the development. In the DC area alone, Brookfield owns 40 properties.

Since Brookfield has properties around the world, Optimus Ride plans to deploy its autonomous services in additional Brookfield developments. Optimus Ride has previously deployed autonomous driving services near Boston, in an urban development called Union Point.