Maria Montero

Operators may offer discounts on the capacity rate of …

Bring says its regulation does not prevent operators from offering discounts or lowering the network capacity rate for second or subsequent connections in the same home, but such discounts must be offered uniformly in one place and declared transparently on the site players website.

“… now few service providers have started offering discounted network capacity rate (NCF) on second / additional TV connections in the home,” said in a statement the Authority of Telecommunications regulation of India (TRAI) .The clarification came after some subscribers raised the issue regarding the price of multiple home TV connection.

“The authority has clarified that the regulation sets a limit of Rs 130 as a network capacity fee (NCF) for 100 SD channels and Rs 20 for the slab of the next 25 SD channels,” TRAI said.

In addition, the regulation does not prohibit service providers from offering discounts or a lower network capacity rate for secondary or additional connections at the same location or home, the statement said.

“However, it must be taken into account that said discount will be uniform in the target market area of ​​the respective TV channel distributor and duly declared by the DPO (Distribution Platform Operator) on its website,” he said.

Trai has presented the new regime of tariff order and regulation for the transmission and cable sector, which would pave the way for consumers to choose the channels they want to watch and pay only for them. He had said that each channel should be offered on demand, with a transparent display of rates in the electronic program guide. The new framework went into effect on February 1.

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