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OpenOSX releases updates for Leopard

OpenOSX takes care of bundling open source software and compiling it into custom installations (keeping in mind that you can get the same software for free as long as you are not intimidated by Unix packages). The company’s focus is on providing popular Unix software to Mac users who might not otherwise notice some of the options available within open source.

Both updates address a number of potential problems with Leopard’s X11 implementation. X11 provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for Unix applications.

OpenOSX Office 2.0 is an implementation of the “GNOME Office” software suite, which includes a spreadsheet application, a word processor, a vector image application, a tool for creating flow charts, software financial management and, optionally, an image editing application.

OpenOSX GrassPro is based on Geographic Resources Analysis Sypport System (GRASS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) software. It includes the software used for the publication of dynamic maps, tools for the manipulation of groups of geographic and Cartesian data, and the extension for the spatial and geographic support of the included PostgressSQL database.