"Ok google" command now available in Chrome for PC

“Ok google” command now available in Chrome for PC

For those who have a Motorola Moto X cell phone or one of the cell phones in which Google has enabled permanent listening technology in the Google Now App, where you start any command without touching the terminal saying the phrase “Ok google”Followed by what you want, this is very good news.

Starting this week, Google has enabled permanent listening functionality on the desktop version of the mythical Chrome browser, and the command “Ok google as a key phrase, to start a search without touching the keyboard and probably in the future, as an entry point to make many requests to your PC, partly emulating the behavior you have on your cell phone.

ok google

enabling the command “ok google” in Chrome

When the command “ok google” is available in your Chrome, it will ask you to enable it the first time you enter the Google page. The bad thing (as always with this type of news) is that Google has only made this functionality available for now in the United States in the English version of the search engine. So it would not be available in Latin America at the moment, but it is a matter of time before it arrives. This way of releasing updates is very similar on Android with the Google Now App, where in its English version it is capable of recognizing many more types of commands or voice commands than in its Spanish version, but that little by little. homologated to the rest of languages.

In its current state, this function would be available in the versions of the browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS and would be useful in principle only for searching. But from here we could assume that they are looking to bring the Google Now App to our PCs. Here are some examples of what the current google Now APP is capable of doing for you on Android. Hopefully a lot of these commands hit Chrome for PC soon too.

Google Now

Some Google Now commands