Noom an App to lead a healthy life

Noom an App to lead a healthy life

I dedicate this note to all of us who ever looked in the mirror and said to ourselves “it’s time to diet and exercise“.

Well that happened to me a while ago when I had been traveling quite a bit and enjoying culinary delights. If you do something to yourself when you meet new places, it is eat and eat. So I set out to find a good way to get in shape while eating well. I needed some kind of personal instructor, so I looked if there was something like that for my cell phone and I found Noom, an ingenious App that helps you lose those extra kilos, through a fairly rigorous method of controlling what you eat and putting together an exercise routine.

noom follow up

Set your goal weight and monitor it

Something quite unique about Noom’s philosophy is its emphasis on not having to stop eating to lose weight. The main focus of this program is on the volume of what you eat. For Noom there are no forbidden foods, but quantities, so he will help you understand which foods are making you fat.

noom meals

Summary of meals of the day with proportion of red foods

To achieve this, the App will ask you a series of questions to find out your lifestyle and your desired weight, then it will ask you to register for each of your meals, which foods you ate and in what quantity (the enormous base of food data that the app has, which facilitates the registration of meals). After you have registered your food, Noom will give you information about the percentages of foods that you have eaten from the red category (which are the ones you should eat the least). Success is keeping your indicators as green as possible.

noom record

Food registration screen

As this App got to know me, he began to give me daily tips to reduce red foods and to set tasks that I had to fulfill such as a calorie limit to eat today, or try to eat at least three types of vegetables today, or cook my dinner in Instead of buying it or walking at least 5000 steps today (by the way, the App helps you keep track with an integrated pedometer). This type of task will appear on a daily basis accompanied by articles with practical advice for a balanced diet.

noom tips

Daily articles and tips

Regarding exercises, the App initially helps you set an exercise plan according to your abilities. For example, I established to do exercises at least 3 days a week and I established the hours in which I wanted to do them. From there the application will remind you when to do the exercise you set and it will count the calories you burned.

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