Nokia This is how you have to take a screenshot on Nokia Asha 503 We have all made a screenshot of ...

Nokia This is how you have to take a screenshot on Nokia Asha 503 We have all made a screenshot of …

We have all done a screenshot of what we are seeing on the phone at that moment, perhaps to send a chat that we have with someone to another person. To show a web page, something we see on a social network, etc.

For those who have the Nokia Asha 503In this article I want to show you how you should do to be able to take a screenshot with this mobile device precisely and as you will see it is not complicated at all.

Screenshot Nokia Asha 503

Generally on mobile devices the screenshots They can be done by performing a specific combination of keys, even some mobiles have applications installed to be able to do this and in the event that it is not possible if they have Android, there are many applications available to be able to take screenshots.

In the case of Nokia Asha 503 it is a bit more complicated to take a screenshot. What you should do basically is slide your finger slowly on the screen from top to bottom, you have to repeat this process about four times. Once you are doing this for the fourth time you will have to press the button on the back.

Screenshot Nokia Asha

In case you did things right then the capture should be saved where all the photos are saved, in the gallery in the part of Screenshot.

In case you cannot take a screenshot the first time, you will have to keep trying until it comes out because if there is any way to take screenshots this is, unfortunately, the only one we have on this mobile device.

In new mobiles take out screenshots It is much easier than in this case, it is generally achieved by doing a combination of two buttons at the same time at the same time and captures of everything that happens on the device can be taken too easy, instead in this Nokia Asha 503 things are different and as you can see they are much more complicated than it should.

The issue is that it is a fairly old device and at that time if we are to the case none of the mobiles that were launched on the market had many options, applications and functions, things have obviously changed since then and that is why today it is easier to take screenshots.