Maria Montero

Nobody knows how to hire, apart from brand design and technology …

Editor’s note: Nobody knows how to hire

Hiring is the blood of the world. Few people do truly unique work; Instead, almost every facet of our civilization is built by groups of humans (and increasingly machines) working together.

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However, that presents quite the conundrum: If teamwork is so critical to running, well, everything, why are we so bad at team-building?

Of course, except for a couple of high-functioning equipment, evidence of equipment rot is all around us. Startups fail when teams of two (i.e. founders) cannot make simple decisions about the future of their business. Large companies use cash as their teams spend eons debating the details of a pixel in the checkout flow. On an even larger scale, massive infrastructure projects like California’s HSR fail because the right people weren’t planning and building it (plus ten other problems, of course).

How do we get this so bad, so consistently?

The first reason, and the most difficult to overcome, is that human endeavors are fundamentally based on aspirations. A start-up is a dream, it’s no different than improving Excel’s formula editor or adding road signs to an intersection. Action cannot happen without aspiration, so we tend to be much more optimistic about all facets of a plan before execution.