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Nisus Writer Express 3

Nisus Writer Express is built on the same features used in Nisus Writer Pro, except that not all the options available in the professional version of the product are included, such as support for the creation of content indexes, indexing, bookmarks or references. crusades.

Nisus Writer Express uses the RTF (Rich Text Format) file format, so its files are compatible with those generated by other word processing applications. It can also open Word, WordPerfect, and AbiWord files. The software supports international language and can even work with right-to-left typed languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi (requires Mac OS X 10.4).

Nisus Writer Express 3.0 incorporates the floating graphics feature, allowing text to flow around images. Support has also been added for the glossaries feature, widow and orphan control, small caps support, as well as an improved find and replace function.

The system requirements are Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and a G3 processor or better (including support for Intel architecture).