Citrix DesktopPlayer improves virtualization on Macs

New versions of Microsoft for Mac

The new version (beta) of the software packages will be published during the week corresponding to July 30, date confirmed by the Mac Business Unit through its blog.

The file format converters will include “significant” enhancements to the software’s ability to convert Word files and will also introduce first-time support for PowerPoint files.

These converters are required after the introduction of Office 2007 for Windows. This office suite uses a new file format that is not compatible with current versions of Office for Mac. The conversion software allows you to convert Microsoft’s new file formats, .docx, into Mac-readable .rtf files.

Remote Desktop Client software enables Mac users to access and operate Windows PCs remotely. The software has become a popular solution for Mac users who need to use Windows applications occasionally and who reside on a PC connected to the local network. It also allows remote access from a Mac to a networked Windows computer.