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New Parallels Beta Enhances Coherence

In this beta, Coherence, Parallels’ ability to work seamlessly with Mac OS X through the Operating System Dock, has been enhanced. Users are now allowed to minimize any Windows window directly onto the Dock, just like Mac applications themselves.

The Shared Folders feature has also been improved, and now the “My Documents” folder and any subfolders display the same contents as the Mac’s Home folder.

Other changes include Coherence support for Exposé and transparent windows, the ability to overlap multiple Mac and Windows windows in Coherence, the ability to change the disk format of the virtual machine using the Parallels Image Tool utility, support for the iPhone on the Windows version of iTunes, improvements in CPU usage, memory management, and overall performance, including the ability to support more than 4GB of RAM on multiple virtual machines.

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac has a license price of $ 79.99.

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