Maria Montero

New Osilloscopes from Keysight Aim for the Creator and …

At APEC 2019, Keysight showcased its InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series line of oscilloscopes with features powerful enough for most engineers.

While RF and power engineers will eventually need to graduate to oscilloscopes with higher functionality, the features and capabilities of oscilloscopes in the sub- $ 1000 will suffice for the workbenches of most embedded engineers. Keysight’s new line of oscilloscopes unveiled at APEC 2019 targets the latter category, with a clear look at the creator and academic communities.

Key features

The InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes can be purchased with upgradeable bandwidths of 50 MHz, 70 MHz, 100 MHz, and 200 MHz.

The 4-channel Keysight DSOX1204G. Image courtesy of Keysight.

These two and four channel multipurpose machines have waveform generators, serial protocol analyzers, digital voltmeters, frequency counters, Bode plot, USB and some models have LAN connectivity.

On-screen help appears after pressing a key and delayed launch. Image courtesy of keysight.

In a particularly useful feature for students and hobbyists, the on-screen help can be accessed simply by pressing a button / key for several seconds.

Comprehensive training for the educational market.

While all oscilloscopes include a square wave generator for probe calibration, these oscilloscopes have built-in training signals that allow students to learn how to trigger, capture, and analyze a wide variety of common signal types seen in a laboratory, without having to use a separate piece of equipment.

A variety of built-in signals are provided to allow students to learn how to trigger, acquire, and measure signals using an oscilloscope. Image courtesy of Keysight.

Signals come in a combination of idealized waveforms with no interruptions, as well as added noise and intermittent faults, allowing students to experience real-world measurement problems. Instructors are provided with pre-designed lab guides, tutorials, and presentation materials to aid course development.

The BenchVue oscilloscope application. Screenshot courtesy of Keysight.

As another useful teaching feature, the 1000 X series scope can be controlled with Keysight’s BenchVue BV0004B oscilloscope app that allows remote scope viewing and operation.

The U3800A IoT course. Image courtesy of keysight.

When students are ready for more advanced study, the oscilloscope can be upgraded and used with Keysight’s U3800A Internet of Things software.

Instant data decoding for manufacturers

In the early days of oscilloscopes, engineers could capture serial data, but they would have to manually decode it. Later, oscilloscopes developed the ability to use software to decode ranging signals, but the process took several seconds and could only occur after a single shot capture.