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New iPod games: Pole Position and Block Breaker

Namco’s Pole Position Remix consists of a return to the classic arcade game where you take control of a formula one car, with which you will have to overtake the rest of the cars, and avoid obstacles as you progress through the circuit. In the game points are received for each of the cars advanced. As the game progresses, new tracks, cars, etc. will be unlocked. The game includes five different circuits, and four different types of cars among other features.

Block Breaker Deluxe from Gameloft is a wall-breaking arcade game halfway between Breakout and Arcanoid. The game has been reinvented about a setting corresponding to nightlife and high society: bars, dance clubs, beaches, restaurants and casinos. The game includes different obstacles, types of bricks, multiple bonuses, secret weapons, options for the size of the racket and variations in the speed of the ball.