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New FileMaker 9, focused on ease of use

FileMaker has announced the availability of FileMaker 9, the new version of the database software for Mac OS and Windows, although the Spanish version is expected to be available by the end of August. The new FileMaker 9 product line includes FileMaker Pro 9, FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, FileMaker Server 9, and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced.

FileMaker Pro 9 includes many new features for end users and developers to simplify database automation, sharing, and reporting including the Quick Start Screen; Conditional Formatting, which highlights information based on parameters that the user sets; or the ability to email links to other FileMaker users.

The new version also incorporates ease-of-use advancements so that FileMaker users and workgroups can easily connect to business and Web information residing in external SQL data sources such as MySQL, Oracle SQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

“FileMaker is the recognized leader in easy-to-use database software that maximizes workgroup performance,” said Dominique Goupil, president of FileMaker. “With FileMaker 9 we go further. We have made it easier than ever for developers and users to manage information in incredibly productive and creative ways. For example, our goal is to make FileMaker Server 9 so easy that FileMaker Pro customers can install it in 20 minutes or less, and quickly share their database solutions. “

The new product Server 9, allows to share databases to workgroups through the network and the Web, providing an Administration Console, so that the users can establish and administer the Server software.

With the new PHP features in FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, users and web developers will be able to post information to external web pages, collect information from web visitors, and create new solutions by combining a web-based interface with a FileMaker Pro server. .

FileMaker 9 is currently available in English for a license price of € 349 for the FileMaker Pro version and € 499 for the FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced version. FileMaker Pro 7, 8, and 8.5 users can upgrade to FileMaker Pro 9 for a price of € 209.

The license price for FileMaker Server 9 is € 999, while the license price for FileMaker Server 9 Advanced is € 2,499. The upgrade price for FileMaker Server 7 and 8 users is 599 EUR for FileMaker Server 9; while users who wish to upgrade their FileMaker Server Advanced 7 and 8 licenses to FileMaker Server 9 Advanced can do so for € 1,499.