Netflix Netflix on mobile How do I get it?  Today we explain one of the most ...

Netflix Netflix on mobile How do I get it? Today we explain one of the most …

Today one of the streaming services The most used in the world for what it is to watch series or movies online is undoubtedly Netflix. This platform with which paying a fairly small sum compared to everything it offers, allows us to view a large number of series and movies from the comfort of our home, it is evident that everyone wants to have a Netflix account and above all things to know how to have Netflix on your mobile.

Netflix on mobile

Actually, it is not too complicated to have Netflix on our mobile device, all you have to do is have a device that has iOS or Android, that has a good Internet connection and at the same time has a screen that is inside everything as comfortable as possible.

Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčoptimized to work optimally on any kind of device, be it Android, Windows or also iOS. It is quite easy to view different series and movies in HD or Full HD quality without any kind of problems, since it loads very fast, yes, we recommend using Wifi when using Netflix.

Download Netflix on your mobile

The first thing you are going to have to do is obviously download Netflix from here, you go to the button that says Install and after that you accept the poster that appears. Now what you are going to do is wait for the download to finish and the installation at the same time.

As soon as it finishes you will have to create a Netflix account, to do so you must have a credit card to be able to create it. The point is that the first month is totally free and if you cancel before it goes to the second month, Netflix doesn’t charge you anythingIt will depend on you if you want to continue having the service or not.

Once this is ready, you can start using the service in question, it has three types of accounts and you must choose the one that is most optimal for you. You can use multiple screens, it means you can log in on multiple mobile devices at the same time seamlessly, but right there when you select the account it gives you the maximum amount.

A way to view series and movies in a very simple way and above all things fast, since we can see them where we want, when we want and all the episodes that we want to see.

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