Netflix How to remove Netflix's “Keep Watching” We love Netflix, it makes life easier and complicates our ...

Netflix How to remove Netflix’s “Keep Watching” We love Netflix, it makes life easier and complicates our …

We love Netflix, it makes life easier for us and it complicates our mornings, especially after having said the night before that you were only going to watch one more episode and finished at 5 a.m. Those things are normal on Netflix without a doubt, but something that always appears is a kind of list where it says “Continue watching“Or”Keep watching”, Some people find it annoying and that is why we have created this article to teach you how to eliminate it permanently.

How to delete “Continue watching”

We are going to do this whole process from a PC so in any case we recommend that you access a computer which, after all, is easier.

The first thing we are going to do is open the browser and go to Netflix obviously.

We log in as usual, now what you are going to do is go to the upper right, you are going to give click on your own name and then you go to your account, once there in my profile section and then in activity display.

Here what you will be able to see is, basically, everything you have seen on Netflix, everything that was played over time. What you have to do is click on the episodes and then press the X, in case of that you want to delete a complete series just click on it and then look for the option Remove series.

In this way now when you go back to the main web page you will no longer see what the message of Continue watching or Continue watching.

Leaving aside how annoying it can be for some, we cannot deny that one of the great amenities of Netflix among several others is just that, since in this way knowing which episode we were going for becomes extremely simple and we do not need to write it down nowhere or that we remember every time we go to see a new episode.

We remind you that, in addition, we have written on several occasions about different applications for mobile devices where you will be able to enjoy a large number of movies and series, in a few words we could say that they are alternatives to Netflix in case you don’t quite like this application or you want more accessible options.