Cómo Pagar Netflix Usando RedCompra

Netflix How to Pay Netflix Using RedCompraIf we have to choose one of the best platforms to view …

If we have to choose one of the best platforms to view current series and movies, we cannot deny that Netflix is ​​one of the best by far.

Not only because of the quality of its contents, the wide variety of them, but we also find series and films that we can enjoy in HD, Full HD, 4K and even with 5.1 sound, all in Spanish or English with subtitles for a very cheap sum of 10 USD per month, in the intermediate plan.

That is why having Netflix now became commonplace in everything because it is clear that the price accompanies and the product offers a lot for what it comes out, it is something too cheap even in Latin American countries where we are generally more “punished” in this sense .

Pay Netflix with RedCompra, with a rut account

In some Latin American countries, Netflix only accepts an international credit card as a form of payment, which complicates many people acquiring the service because obviously not all have one, so it can become a little more complicated than it should. be able to pay the monthly payment that Netflix required to subscribe.

In case you don’t have a Netflix compatible credit card, what you should do is go to a website called SomosPremium from which you can get a totally legal Netflix account, but obviously using the services of said page to pay, since otherwise you would need to go to a bank to request an international card and if it is only to use Netflix, I don’t think worth it precisely.

Pay Netflix without a credit card

You have several options for buy an account at SomosPremium, You can purchase 1 month, 2 months or 6 months in total, the ideal in these cases to acquire a six-month account to enjoy Netflix without any kind of limitation. One of the good things about this app is that you can just watch all the series and movies you want without limiting yourself in any way.

So you no longer have excuses to acquire the service that, as I said, is practically a bargain and more if you are a person who watches many series since the platform as you know it counts with many series that are exclusive to Netflix and others that you can enjoy when you want, where you want and how you want, since you can even share the account with a friend or family member and it even ends up being even cheaper.