Netflix How to delete "Continue watching" on NetflixWhen we think of the best applications in the world, quickly in the ...

Netflix How to delete “Continue watching” on NetflixWhen we think of the best applications in the world, quickly in the …

When we think of the best applications in the world, WhatsApp will quickly come to mind in the field of messaging, while Facebook or Instagram will stand out as social networks, And when it comes to streaming content, Netflix is ​​probably the best. The truth is that on Netflix you can find a huge number of really interesting series or movies, and in this particular case we did not want to fail to mention one of the main tutorials in this regard.

The truth is that when you open Netflix, you can quickly find a complete menu that has many options, although it is also true that from time to time certain content or somewhat annoying messages appear, one of which today we want to teach you to eliminate completely. If you are watching a new list of program titles on Netflix, you will probably see the message “continue watching” or “Continue watching”, which many users find really annoying.

Remove “Continue Watching” on Netflix

Indeed, eliminating the “Continue watching” on Netflix is ​​extremely simple, to the extent that you can remove these contents or messages from your account in just one second, although of course for that you will have to know all the tricks that exist behind this tutorial. The first thing you have to consider in this case is that you must follow all the following steps to be able to eliminate “Continue watching” on Netflix, in this case directly in the browser, so you must open the application on this device.

The first thing you should do to remove the “Continue watching” on Netflix is ​​then open the URL of this platform directly from this link, and then enter the data that the system is going to ask you, which are essential to be able to access the contents. Once you’ve logged in, it’s time to remove the classic “Continue Watching” message on Netflix.. To do this you have to go to the upper right corner of the website, to Account, My profile section, and View the activity.

You will see that once you are within this segment, you will be able to observe all the activity that you have carried out within the system, and that it is in effect what makes the classic message “Continue watching” appear later on Netflix, so if you delete it , you’ll be getting rid of those messages. Although it is true that in these cases you will be able to see the entire list of the show or shows that you have reproduced, You can also select if you want to delete some special content or entire series.

From Remove series you will then be developing the first step to be able to permanently remove the “Continue watching” on Netflix from your account on this platform, and you will see that when you log in again, then this annoying message will not appear on the screen again. In the same way, in any case, you may also find that you no longer save information related to the content you have seen, so it is something that you will have to determine yourself.

Were you able to remove the message “Continue watching” on Netflix with this step by step?