Cómo se activa el 4G con Movistar

Movistar Tutorials How to activate 4G with Movistar with this Guide Movistar has many plans to navigate in 3G and 4G, …

Movistar has many plans to navigate in 3G and 4G, but the latter they are much faster than 3G networks because they can be up to 6 times faster in uploading and downloading files. So you surely want to know how to activate 4G with Movistar If you have already contracted your plan, then here we will tell you how to achieve it.

Have you already contracted a 4G plan with Movistar?

It is possible that despite having contracted a 4G plan on your mobile with Movistar, the 3G networks icon is still displayed. ANDThis may be due to the fact that the mobile is not correctly configured, since by default it comes to connect only to 3G networks.

It is also It is important to take other things into account so that your mobile connects to the Movistar 4G network.

1.- The first thing is that your mobile is compatible with the Movistar 4G network.

2.- You must make sure your SIMCard is 4G, since generally the first SIM cards that came were to connect to 3G, so if you change to the 4G plan you must request a new SIMCard that is compatible.

3.- You must have ensured that the Movistar APN is correctly configured, you can verify it with this guide.

The good news is that Movistar has SIM cards to navigate in 4G with prepaid devices, so you only have to go to one of the offices to buy one and enjoy the highest browsing speed.

How to activate 4G with Movistar

If you meet all these requirements to activate 4G on your mobile, then it only remains to configure your device Android so that it can connect to 4G automatically (as long as there is availability in the coverage area). Let’s see how to do it:

1.- The first thing you should do is go to the Settings menu -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode.

2.- In this menu you will see a list of options, but You must choose the option of LTE / WCDMA / GSM. This can vary, since in some cases instead of showing LTE it can say 4G but it is the same. If you have a question you can use this guide for reference.

3.- Now you must restart the mobile.

Once you have done this you will be able to connect to the highest speed browsing network. Remember that this can only connect where there is availability, that is, where there are 4G antennas or coverage, otherwise you will navigate to 3G. If you have any questions about how to activate 4G with Movistar you can leave it in the comments.