Movistar Free Internet Tutorials in Movistar for Chile with this APN Many people who have Movistar on occasion do not ...

Movistar Free Internet Tutorials in Movistar for Chile with this APN Many people who have Movistar on occasion do not …

Many people we have Movistar On some occasions we have not had the opportunity to have credit to have Internet, those of us who do not have plans or cannot directly access them due to any kind of economic or other problem, we have to depend on WiFi networks that we are meeting along the way to say in some way. But it is time to leave that dependency aside for directly with a good configuration APN dispose of Internet free Without any kind of problem or limitation in Movistar, then clearly we are going to show you how you should do it.

How to have free Internet in Movistar Chile

Keep in mind that it is necessary to meet a requirement to have free Internet, You must have loaded credit, the minimum, even if it is 30 days ago. Although once we use this method, it will not be necessary to have a balance in reality, but, even in the last 30 days it is essential that you have loaded a balance, even if it is something.

The configuration of the APN that we are going to show you next is the one you need to have on your mobile phone, in the mobile data options obviously, you must do it manually, there is no automatic way to achieve it and the configuration is as follows.

  • Name: Movistar Applications
  • APN:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: Web
  • Password: Web
  • MMC: 730
  • MNC: 02

Best of all, this configuration to have free Internet is quite powerful because we have access to the 3G network, so we will have a good speed, but in addition to that we will be able to use it in different countries such as Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, in short in almost all Latin America It is possible to use this configuration in order to have free Internet.

Since See how to do it We know that on many occasions having the Internet to navigate from the mobile phone is not always possible, the expenses accumulate and we can say that the extra expense that in many cases is more a pleasure than a real need that generates the telephone bill, no is totally necessary, therefore, this option of have internet totally free and above all things without any kind of limitation or dependence on anything, it is simply useful and magnificent to be able to stay connected at all times.