Movies and TV How to watch movies on Oculus VR If you consider yourself a fan of virtual reality, you have to ...

Movies and TV How to watch movies on Oculus VR If you consider yourself a fan of virtual reality, you have to …

If you consider yourself a fan of virtual reality, you have to know that in these times there are a good number of devices made by some of the main companies in the world, which will allow you to enjoy these latest generation technologies without difficulties. Many of our readers have been consulting us precisely about the possibility of watching movies on Oculus VR, which we consider to be one of the basic tutorials within this segment.

The truth is that some companies around the world are already launching their own content specially adapted to virtual reality and Oculus VR, and that is why we will try to offer you all the elements that you must take into account to be able to observe content in them. Without going any further, in recent months a huge number of films specially made for Oculus VR have been appearing, so we will try to offer you all the information you require about them.

Fox, Lionsgate, Disney, and Warner Brothers are some of the most famous studios when we think of movies that have launched their own productions in recent times., and we have to consider in this sense that some of those creations are really important. You have to know, in the same way, that many of the films for Oculus VR have average lengths of 20 minutes, so they are excellent alternatives to consider in these types of situations.

Movies Online for VR Glasses

Well, if you want to enjoy the best films for Oculus VR then, you have to know that below we are going to leave you the videos of five of them, many of which are really famous films, which have actually been adapted to these new devices to consider. Not only are we going to leave you the videos for Oculus VR, but also some descriptions of the movies, so you already have some good options to be taken into account within this field for later.

The Hunger Games

One of the most recognized sagas of recent times has its own alternative designed for movies in Oculus VR, and we have to say in this regard that it is one of the best offers a virtual reality experience in which you can immerse yourself in everything that happens in this franchise. In fact, you’ll be a part of none other than Katniss’s entire journey in all four films in the series. You are ready?

The Lion King

The second of the films is another of the classics that we believe you have to take into account when it comes to productions thinking about Oculus VR, especially since it is a film that is based directly on the Broadway adaptation of The Lion King.

Wild soul

Wild is a film that many consider unique in its genre, and we could not stop highlighting it in the same way when it comes to what we think of the best films for Oculus VR. The truth is that, about it, a 360-degree video for VR Glasses was released last year that we leave you below.

School of Rock

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber released a 360º School of Rock interactive music video for the song “You’re In The Band.” We are talking about one of the main music movies of all time, one in which you will find an excellent alternative for Oculus VR. Of course, the talent of Alex Brightman, who plays the role of Jack Black, cannot be hidden.

Star wars

The last of the films or productions thinking about Oculus VR is none other than Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It must be said around this creation that it is a joint production of Google, Verizon and the Lucasfilm ILMxLAB studio, a virtual reality experience that lovers of one of the best science fiction franchises of all time should not leave to consider.

Which of these Oculus VR movies do you like the most?