Motorola razr, the first folding mobile of the brand arrives in Colombia with a spectacular retro look

Motorola razr, the first folding mobile of the brand arrives in Colombia with a spectacular retro look

Motorola Razr

On December 3, Motorola launched the new generation of cell phones in Colombia folding inspired by a classic that marked an entire generationThe new Motorola razr is the successor to a fashion icon that defined part of pop culture.

The Motorola razr launched in 2019 was the first smartphone with a flexible folding screen with a flip format, which folds completely in the middle, offering the user a unique experience for this time, but at the same time, very familiar to those who remember classic mobiles..

The good news is that from now on this great phone from the brand that had previously been launched internationally, It can already be achieved in Colombia. Yes, prepare your pockets Well, it is not going to be an economic invention.

Interactive Quick View screen

It is the classic exterior screen of the original Motorola razr, which has been repowered in this new folding model, to allow us access a huge number of functions of the mobile, without having to open it, allowing us, save time, and free ourselves a little from dependence on the mobile.

Motorola Razr

Some of the functions of the Quick View screen are:

  • Gesture navigation to access your favorite functions; To be able to access the home screen, we swipe up. Scrolling to the right activates the camera, and to the left to access the new applications tray. If you scroll left again, you will see the shortcuts for calling or messaging your favorite contacts.
  • Reply to messages directly from the external screen, with voice-to-text, smart replies, or a full keyboard from the Quick View screen.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation can be accessed from Google Maps notifications, and also control your favorite music apps, such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora.
  • In addition, NFC technology enables the Google Pay application in stores around the world and allows content such as contacts, images and videos to be shared with other devices wirelessly.

Extremely compact design

The new Motorola razr is simple yet extremely compact compared to current phones. It includes a fingerprint sensor in a rounded recess on the back, an optimized hinge for improved aesthetics, and functional changes based on user feedback to make it highly durable.

By opening the new Motorola razr, users have access to a 6.2 ″ Flexible screen. Open, it offers an aspect ratio of 21: 9, which is ideal for use with one hand.

According to Motorola studies, an average user opens and closes his razr about 40 times a day, the statistic being able to rise up to 100 times a day in the case of the most intensive users. Open / close cycle tests have shown that the new Motorola razr supports up to 200,000 cycles.

In other words, for a user of the most intensive, it would take more than 5 years to reach that figure. Plus, it comes with a scratch-resistant layer and splash-resistant technology that protect against liquid spills, rain, and more.

5G enabled (by the time it arrives in Colombia)

Although there is still time for 5G networks to be a reality in our country, the new Motorola razr is already prepared to work with them, either for those who want to wait for their arrival in the country, as well as for those who travel to countries that already have with this technology.

Motorola Razr

Perhaps one of the “weak” points of the new Motorla razr is that despite having a high gala price, It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, which is a so-called super mid-range processor. It is not a bad processor at all, but it is an aspect to take into account, regarding the fact that this is not a gamer phone, but much more focused on practical design.

The cameras

To give priority to its compact design, the new Motorola razr has only two cameras, however, the brand has managed to give us the best possible in such a small space. The main camera is 48MP with Quad Pixel technology, which quadruples the sensitivity to light, and has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). In addition, this camera has a laser autofocus sensor.

Motorola Razr

Thanks to its folding design. The 48MP camera also becomes the selfie camera with the phone closed. Selfies can be taken with camera modes such as group selfie, portrait mode, selective color, and more. In addition, the double screen allows you to take advantage of camera functions such as viewing a snapshot in real time or after it is captured.

On the inside of the mobile we have the second side that is 20MP, and it is more suitable for making video calls or selfies in which you want to take advantage of the full screen format.

Pure Android & My UX

Although until now the brand has been recognized for incorporating almost totally pure versions of Android, with the new razr, they have decided to show their new layer of personalization with which it promises not to overload the mobile, since it is something very light.