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TO Many users it has happened to us many times that Facebook is added to the home screen, this is a common case in cell phones Motorola EX116, but there are also users who are not bothered by this setting, which is automatically established when we download the application Facebook Anyway, removing this application from the screen is very quick and easy, here we show you how.

Facebook logo on the screen of Motorola EX116

Particularly in the case of the cellular model Motorola EX116, It happens on several occasions that when we download an application it is automatically added to the home screen, it also appears in the notification bar or in the quick settings, which makes users very uncomfortable.

How to remove Facebook from the home screen on Motorola EX116

As we well know, one of the most used networks today is Facebook, which is why it is almost essential to have this application on our computer, but in many cases the automatic settings that this application contains are not the most appropriate for some computers. There are many users who own the model Motorola EX116 we know that want to remove Facebook from the home screen, but don’t know how to do it here we show you how to remove it in a few simple steps.

Remove Facebook from the screen in Motorola EX116

To remove the Facebook application from the screen in a Motorola EX116, It is extremely simple and fast, to be able to do it you must unlock your cell phone, access the notification bar, press the appearance option, and select in the bar what you want to delete in this case it would be the Facebook application from your home screen in the Motorola EX116.

In this way, the adjustment will be made immediately, but we also recommend that you restart the cell phone in order to verify that it always starts with the configuration that was recently made on the computer. In the same way, if you turn on your cell phone and the Facebook application appears again in the notification bar, You must perform the same procedure to remove it again from the home screen of your Motorola EX116.

As you can see remove Facebook from the screen in Motorola EX116, It is a very easy and simple process which does not require much time in the same way if you want, to have Facebook again on your home screen in Motorola EX116, but also in the bar notifications or the quick settings, you can achieve it with the same method we used to remove it, so now you just have to press “add” instead of delete.