Motorola How to install an APK file on a Moto G4 If we stop at mid-range devices that have…

Motorola How to install an APK file on a Moto G4 If we stop at mid-range devices that have…

If we stop at the mid-range devices that have been marking the market in recent years, We can quickly realize that the Moto G range of Motorola equipment has simply been one of the most successful of all that we know of.. The truth is that when thinking about acquiring one of these smartphones right now, we can verify that the most recent version is the one that corresponds to the Moto G4, and that is why it is convenient to offer all the possible information about it.

Indeed, Some of our readers have been asking us for information about one of the tricks that we could consider basic when we talk about the Moto G4, insofar as it is about learning to install and run APK or executable files within these mobiles. Indeed, it should be noted in this regard that if you have a Motorola Moto G4, Moto G4 Play or Moto G4 Plus and you want to install an APK app on them, here you will find all the information about it.

Install APK applications on a Moto G4

Well, probably then you are faced with the need to learn how to install APK applications on your Moto G4, and that has to do with the fact that you do not get them in the Google Play Store, which is the one that is installed on these devices by default. It happens that many applications may not be available when we think of the official Android app store, while the APKs are also useful to install updates even before they reach the Google Play Store.

The first thing that you must necessarily have installed on your Moto G4 if what you want is to be able to install executable applications or APK, it is a file explorer, and although it is true that there are many useful ones, in particular we like the ES Explorer File, which you can download from this link.

Once you have the file explorer that we mentioned, then it will be time to start downloading all the APK files that interest you, and that can be achieved on the web, with some sites that are really reliable when it comes to downloading APKs. If you have already found the APK that interested you in particular, you have to download it to the computer and transfer it directly to the phone memory, or download it directly through the browser on mobile.

Well, you have then made the first step, while immediately afterwards you have to activate the Unknown sources options, to the extent that you must go to Settings, Security, Unknown sources, and there enable this option, without which it is impossible to execute the external APKs. If you have considered this question, you can start to navigate between your files with the browser, and once you have found that APK that interests you, you can run it like any other application, so it will take a few minutes to install.

To install an executable file or APK on your mobile device, you do not need more than all these steps that we have taught you, so do not hesitate to go back a couple of times until you find the error in case you have not finally been able to run the application . Otherwise, you have to know that it is completely easy to install and open APK files on your Motorola Moto G4 manually as long as you have a file manager. If you are still having problems, you can leave comments below.

Have you been able to install APK applications on your Moto G4 with this step by step?