Motorola How to free internal memory in a Motorola XT615One of the main problems we can find when ...

Motorola How to free internal memory in a Motorola XT615One of the main problems we can find when …

One of the main problems that we can find when our smart mobile devices have already been used for at least a couple of years is the lack of storage space that allows us to install new applications and other interesting content. Indeed, many of the most important apps for Android mobile devices, such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, have a weight of 250 MB, although we actually need even more to be able to fully install them.

You also have to bear in mind that all kinds of games, videos, images and backup copies also occupy their own space, so the immediate conclusion is that it is convenient that you always, always have space available as far as possible. The truth in this sense is that We wanted to make an article that offers you all the available information about how to free up space on the Motorola XT615, which is one of the tutorials that have been asking us the most.

If the classic has ever appeared to you “Not enough memory, delete some items” message, you have to know then that it is completely easy to free up space on a Motorola XT615, although of course you will have to know all the tricks about it. When we talk about the Motorola XT615, you have to consider that you can make space in the same way as in any other Android mobile device, although it is convenient that you learn to detect the simplest ways to do it.

Freeing up storage space on the Motorola XT615

Well, the first method that we can recommend when it comes to freeing up internal storage capacity in the Motorola XT615, has to do with being able to detect in the first instance which applications are weighing on the available space on the device. You have to know, in this sense, that there are possibly irreplaceable apps, such as email, some social networks, a news application, but it is always possible to eliminate some others that you will surely use less. What you must do is delete them, of course, in Settings, Applications.

The next method to make space in a Motorola XT615, is to clear the cache of the same applications, for which you must go to Settings, Applications, the particular application you want to clear the cache, and give the option Clear cache, how could it be otherwise. Likewise, photographs also occupy a lot of space in these cases. The convenient thing in any circumstance is send them to our Google Drive account so that they are not disturbing there, an application that you can download from this link, and that offers you up to 15 GB of storage capacity gratuitous.

Beyond what we have mentioned so far, you have to know that the Motorola XT615 has one more alternative when it comes to making internal space. Thanks to the features of these devices, you can incorporate a MicroSD slot that supports up to 32 GB. That is to say, you will achieve a huge amount of additional space to the original. Of course the difference in this case is that you will have to pay for that microSD cardWhile the above methods, although not as efficient, it doesn’t cost a penny.

Have you been able to make space in your Motorola XT615 with these tricks?