Motorola How to Change the Letter of the Moto G Mobile? In this opportunity, we are going to talk about the best method to …

In this opportunity, we are going to talk about the best method to change the font of the moto G without root, this is a method that is usually valid for moto g, moto g 2 generation, moto g 3 generation models, and moto g 4th generation.

Moto G font

Method to change the Font of Moto G Using Go launcher Esx without root

Go launcher EX is one of the best and most popular launchers for android, which will allow us to change the fonts that the android operating system contains, By default, in this sense we are going to see other new colors and styles that are quite attractive and amazing when writing our texts or when walking through our menus, well said that it also has the possibility of providing wallpapers that will be used to personalize your mobile, and is that the best thing is that it is free in the play store.

To change the font of the moto G follow the instructions:

Step 1:

We are going to install Go Launcher, from google play, or if you prefer, click on the following link:

Download Here

Change the letter of the Moto G

Step 2:

Now you have to look for the necessary sources so that the application can perform its magic, in this way you will be able to see your different sources on your mobile.

Step 3:

Open Go Launcher and from the main screen, tap the button in the right corner.

Step 4:

Select preferences from the menu and then look for Font Options.

Step 5:

Now you will see a list of these sources and you can select the one that best suits your taste.

Step 6:

You can manually place the files and fonts in the path / sd card / go launcher Ex / fonts

Step 7:

After all these steps you will have a font without the need to reboot the device.

Then it was all, here we leave a small one, we are in front of an ideal application to change the font of our android device, quite fast clean, free of annoying advertising is something amazing What we can find in a single application is not only the Moto G Source, but the fact that it is an application that also allows changing themes and wallpapers, of all kinds, animated among many others, I highly recommend that you follow all the recommendations to the letter so that you can change your font, but also that you explore the application in its entirety since it is really worth it.

Believe it or not, it turns out to be incredible that this happens because we normally believe that the cell phone cannot change its interface and Moto G source, suddenly we find tools like these that allow us to change our vision of what a device can really do android, This is why we recommend this application and we hope it will be of much use to you.