Cómo Cambiar Fuente Motorola Moto G

Motorola How to change the font of a Motorola Moto GWhen we think of the most successful smartphones of recent years …

When we think of the most successful smartphones of recent years in sales, there is practically no doubt that there has been a true king of the mid-range, when we think of the Motorola Moto G, which has not been in the market for four generations for nothing, all highly sought after by users. Indeed, we have to emphasize around the Motorola Moto G that if it differs for something it is by the simple use that it proposes to users, thanks in large part to the fact that it has an almost pure Android operating system.

Well, of course our readers have been asking us for all kinds of information and tutorials about the Motorola Moto G, and this time we wanted to talk about one that will allow you to make a profound change to your device, even when it is not rooted. We are talking, then, of the possibility of change the font to a Motorola Moto G, a step by step that works for the Moto G, Moto G 2nd Generation, Moto G 3rd Generation and Moto G 4th Generation.

Of course, although it is true that to change the source of the Motorola Moto G it is not necessary for your smartphone to be rooted, we do have to say in the same way that you will need a specific application in the case of GO Launcher Ex, so first it will be to start by downloading it directly from this link. This app will allow you to change the types of letters that the Android device brings, to others with new colors and hilarious styles, in this case for the Motorola Moto G, but being useful also for others.

Change fonts on Motorola Moto G with GO Launcher EX

Once you have downloaded GO Launcher EX on your Motorola Moto G and installed it, you have to follow a small step by step to be able to modify the fonts of this device, the ones that come by default in this pure Android that we mentioned before. Good, We must point out in this sense then that we will have to search within the Google Play Store, the main Sources for Go Launcher, of which there are many, so we recommend that you take a look to see them yourself.

Well, once you have finished with the previous steps, it will then be time to open this application, and directly from the main screen, you can press the button that is in the right corner, so that you access it as soon as possible, that is, to all new sources. You can then select the preferences that are part of the menu, and You will see that one of the most attractive customization options that appear within the app is Font / Fonts, which is what interests us in this case.

According to the sources that we have installed in our Motorola Moto G, a list of those that we have available will open, and then we will have to select one that we have available, which is not really very complicated, although you should see them all to make sure What is the one you like. Beyond that, you have to know that you can also manually place the font files in the path / sdcard / GoLauncher Ex / fonts or fonts, although in that case you will have to restart the device afterwards.

Well, then there is not much more to say about the possibility of changing the fonts for the Motorola Moto G, so you should not stop giving this tutorial a try that has served so many users in the past, and that is one one of the most interesting for a mobile as famous as the Motorola Moto G. If you have any questions about this step by step, you can always comment on it in this article, and we will try to give you a hand as soon as possible for you to complete the process.

Have you been able to change the fonts of your Motorola Moto G with this step by step?