Motorola Alert, an App for emergencies

Motorola Alert, an App for emergencies

Last week Motorola updated its Moto G, Moto X and Moto E terminals to the latest version of Android in record time, making their owners feel as if they were within Google’s Nexus range, which are traditionally They get the update scoop long before everyone else.

Along with the update to KitKat 4.4.3, Motorola took the opportunity to make improvements to some of its own programs such as Moto Assist and the camera. However, there was an App that until the previous version of Android was only available on the Moto E, and that is now included in all terminals. Motorola Alert is a curious App designed as its name implies to generate alerts when the owner of the equipment indicates that they are in trouble or need help.

Motorola alert

Home screen, here you choose the type of alert

The idea of ​​the App is to designate a group of contacts from your cell phone as important people to whom the App will notify them when you need them or when you are in danger (you can also configure that the authorities are notified). Once you select them, they will be notified with a text message by SMS that they have been chosen as your emergency contacts for Motorola Alert.

Motorola alert

Emergency contact setup, and display of a notification message

The App has so far 4 types of notifications:

  • Come for me
  • Emergency
  • Follow me
  • Location status

The first 3 types of notification work very similar, as soon as you activate one of them, the cell phone periodically (every 5 minutes by default) will send a text message to your chosen contacts indicating the novelty you chose. For example, if you activate the alert mode, your contacts will receive a text message indicating that you are in danger and the address in which you are (the text message also comes with an address to Google Maps where your location will be marked on the Map). Additionally, the emergency mode allows you to sound an alarm in case you want to attract someone’s attention.


Alert messages configuration screen

The last alert mode is the location status, designed for those who want to have information about where their loved ones are. For example I could become very useful if you activate it on the cell phone of one of your minor children. In this mode you must create known places such as “home”, “school”, “work” etc, which are the places about which you will be informed. This mode will always be active if you enable it and it will inform your chosen contacts when you arrive or leave the places you set up. This would allow a mother to find out if her son has already arrived at school or if he is leaving the house when he should not (I am sure that the latter would be a function that many would hate: D).

Motorola alert

Settings screen of places to monitor

Personally I find it a very useful App if it is used for what it was designed, that is, for an emergency. Something that must be worked on is in the way the alerts are sent, since Currently it only supports SMS text messages, so if your cell phone plan does not include these, or they charge you very expensive, then having this service active for a long time sending messages will raise your cell phone bill considerably.. Alternatively if you don’t want to send text messages, you are given the possibility to make a call to an emergency contact or the authorities.