Activar LED de notificaciones en Motorola

Motorola Activate LED Notifications in Motorola, don’t miss anything! One of the novelties that came along with smartphones is …

One of the novelties that came along with smartphones is the presence in most of them of an LED light that warns us of the presence of notifications. In some models, this light is of a different color depending on the type of notification in question (a WhatsApp message, an email, etc.). In today’s article we are going to tell you how enable notification LED on Motorola.

Light Alerts on Motorola Devices

In the case of Motorola mobiles, the light notices inform us of:

  • Lost calls
  • Messages
  • Battery charge
  • Email notifications
  • Hangouts notifications
  • Calendar notification
  • Notifications from any social network
  • Notifications from instant messaging applications
  • Activate Bluetooth

This LED light is available on the latest generation Motorola models, such as the Moto G, the Moto X and its different variants. But nevertheless, the device does not have any option that by itself lets us manipulate the notification LED, so in order to do so we will have to resort to a external application.

Enable notification LED on Motorola

LED Blinker Notifications to activate LED notifications on Motorola

One of the most recommended applications to have more control over the notification LEDs on Motorola brand devices is LED Blinker Notifications, which can be download from the Google Play Store so free.

The application is available for mobiles with Android 2.3 operating system and higher versions and only need 4.3 MB space available for installation.

With it we have greater control over the notification LED of our phone and we can customize it to our liking.

Notification LEDs on older models

As we discussed earlier, older Motorola devices did not have a notification LED. However, this small light can sometimes be very useful to know whether or not we have something important on our mobile without having to resort to turning on the screen.

For those Motorola and non-Motorola models without notification light, a viable option is the Flash Light Alerts app, it can download from the Google Play Store for free.

What this app does is use the camera’s flash to send flickering light signals that notify us of the presence of a missed call and text messages.

Enable notification LED on Motorola

The flashing light is deactivated with a simple touch and also the frequency of flashing can be changed according to the tastes and needs of the user.

The application is valid for mobiles with Android 2.3 operating system and higher versions and requires 3.2 MB available space on the device to be installed.

This application is valid for devices: Motorola Moto G Turbo, Motor X Force, Droid Turbo 2, Droid Maxx 2, Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto G 2015, Moto E 2nd Gen, Moto Maxx, Motorola Nexus 6, RAZR M, RAZR M, Electrify 2, Photon Q, XT685, XT885, Motogo TV, MT917, Motoluxe XT389 and all derivatives of these with Android 2.3 or higher operating system.