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Mother’s Day 2019: How to download WhatsApp stickers …

Today happens to be the day for the most special woman in your life. Yes, today is Mother’s Day and, in 2019, one of the ways to celebrate any occasion is through funny stickers and GIFs on WhatsApp, sent to family and friends. So, here is a quick and easy way to add the holiday theme stickers to your WhatsApp.

A man poses with a smartphone in front of WhatsApp shown. Reuters

To get started, open any WhatsApp chat, tap on the emoticon icon and then the sticker icon below. Then next to the carousel of all added stickers, you will see a ‘+’ icon. Hit that. Now on the All Stickers tab, scroll down to the bottom end where you will see the shortcut Get more stickers in Play Store.

Once you are in the store, you can search Mother’s Day stickers, which will suggest a full list of sticker apps. Notably, however, not all of the suggestions that appear are genuine. Many of them are just apps with a lot of ads, and they don’t even offer original tags.

So, to make your work easier, here you will find a selection of some of the apps we found in the store that have genuine WhatsApp stickers for the theme. There is WAStickerApps Mothers Day App by WAStickerApps, and some more.

Once you’ve chosen the app you want, install it and hit open. When launching the application, the categories of stickers offered by the application will be displayed, you can add any you want by tapping the ‘+’ sign next to each category.

Now when you go back to your WhatsApp you will see the stickers added in the carousel at the top when you tap on the stickers icon.

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